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The School I'd Like: Children and Young People's Reflections on an Education for the 21st Century

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Catherine Burke
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Introduction: Neglected Spaces Part 1. Forgotten Spaces 1. School Buildings 'A safe haven, not a prison' 2. Canteens and lunch rooms 'The forgotten spaces where informal learning occurs' 3. School Yards and Playgrounds 'It's very big but there's nothing in it' Part 2. Learning and Knowing 4. Knowledge and the Curriculum 'The notion of writing prize-winning essays on tropical rainforests without taking some action would be seen as strange' 5. Learning 'Let us out!' 6. Teachers 'Nobody forgets a good teacher ' Part 3. Staying Power 7. Identities and equalities 'I resented being told what to wear, what to think, what to believe, what to say and when to say it' 8. Survival 'Schools may be getting good academic results but they are not helping the pupils as individuals' Part 4. Flexible Contexts 9. A Sense of Time 'I would like the school to be clever, so it may last forever ' 10. Tools 'Pupils don't want state of the art blackboards or expensive televisions, they want comfortable chairs.' Final Words: Whole School Visions
Presenting material drawn from The Guardian's 'School I'd Like' competition, this book is a snapshot of how school is regarded by children across the UK during the first three months of 2001. The authors raise critical questions about the democratic processes involved in teaching and learning. This collection is vibrantly illustrated with children's essays, pictures, stories, designs, plans and poems. Analysis of this material will identify consistencies in the ways in which all children wish to learn, and highlight particular sites of 'disease' in the education infrastructure and everyday practice.

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