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Autor: Richard Black
ISBN-13: 9780415303767
Einband: Buch
Seiten: 360
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Format: 239x162x27 mm
Sprache: Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum: 01.12.2003

Targeting Development: Critical Perspectives on the Millennium Development Goals

36, Routledge Studies in Developme
The Millennium Development Goals accepted by the UN in 2000 are, along with the targets set by the OECD in 1996 the subject of this expertly written book.
1. Millennium Development Goals: A Drop In The Ocean? Howard White and Richard Black 2. Heaven or Hubris: Reflections on the new 'New Poverty Agenda' Simon Maxwell 3. Using Development Goals and Targets for Donor Agency Performance Measurement Howard White 4. Using Development Goals to Design Country Strategies Howard White and David Booth 5. Monitoring Progress Towards the Millennium Development Goals at Country Levels David Booth and Henry Lucas 6. Are the Millennium Development Goals Feasible? Jan Vandemoortele 7. Halving World Poverty Michael Lipton with Hugh Waddington 8. Towards Universal Primary Education Christopher Colclough 9. Promoting Gender Equality Ramya Subrahmanian 10. Reducing Infant and Child Death Howard White 11. Towards Reproductive Health for all? Hilary Standing 12. The Global Challenge of HIV/AIDS Ronald Skeldon 13. Clean Water for all Richard Jolly 14. Achieving Sustainability in Africa James Fairhead 15. Building a Global Partnership for Development? Peter Clarke 16. Aid, Trade and Debt: How Equal is the Global Partnership? Kevin Watkins and Juliana Amadi
The Millennium Development Goals accepted by the UN in 2000 are, along with the targets set by the OECD in 1996 the subject of this expertly written book. Is development achievable in the time frames given? How useful were the goals in the first place? How far have we come in solving the aching problems of the developing world? These questions and more and asked and answered.
This impressive collection featuring an array of respected contributors and a preface from Mark Malloch Brown of the UNDP, will be required reading among development economists and those interested in development studies more generally. Perhaps more importantly, the lessons learned from this book shall need to be understood and acted upon by policy makers at both national and international levels.
Autor: Richard Black, Howard White
Richard Black is Reader in Human Geography at the University of Sussex, UK. Howard White is a Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, UK. He is also co-author of Program Aid and Development and Econometrics and Data Analysis for Developing Countries both of which are also published by Routledge.

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Autor: Richard Black
ISBN-13:: 9780415303767
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Erscheinungsjahr: 01.12.2003
Gewicht: 717g
Seiten: 360
Sprache: Englisch
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