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Autor: Randall Germain
ISBN-13: 9780415349420
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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.02.2005

The Idea of Global Civil Society: Ethics and Politics in a Globalizing Era

Routledge/Ripe Studies in Glob
This volume deepens our understanding of the normative tensions central to the way in which governance is changing under globalization, and illuminates the political realities which governance confronts.
Preface - Craig Murphy 1. The Idea(1) of global civil society Michael Kenny and Randall Germain Contesting Global Civil Society 2. Ideological contestation, trans-national civil society, and global politics Andrew Gamble and Michael Kenny 3. Intimations of a Gramscian approach to global civil society Anne Showstack Sassoon 4. Late modern civil society Nicholas Onuf Citizenship and Global Civil Society 5. Media, cultural citizenship, and the global public sphere Nick Stevenson 6. Subjects, citizens or pilgrims? Citizenship and civil society in a global context Kimberley Hutchings 7. Situating global citizenship Nigel Dower 8. Global civil society, civilians and citizens Mervyn Frost Governance and Global Civil Society 9. Global civil society and global governmentality Louise Amoore and Paul Langley 10. The management of global civil society: the WTO's engagement with NGOs Rorden Wilkinson 11. Global modalities of financial governance: the public sphere and civil society Randall Germain Conclusion 12.Understanding global civil society: contestation, citizenship, governance Randall Germain and Michael Kenny
This book evaluates the claim that in order to explore the changing social foundations of global power relations today, we need to include in our analysis an understanding of global civil society, particularly if we also wish to raise ethical questions about the changing political and institutional practices of transnational governance. Bridging the normative concerns of political theorists with the historical and institutional focus of scholars of international relations and international political economy, this book is of broad interest to students and researchers concerned with international relations, civil society, global governance and ethics.
Editiert von: Randall Germain, Michael Kenny
Randall D. Germain is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Carleton University, Canada. He is the author of The International Organization of Credit: states and global finance in the world-economy (Cambridge University Press, 1997), and the editor of Globalization and Its Critics: perspectives from political economy (Palgrave, 2000). He has also published in journals such as The European Journal of International Relations, Review of International Studies, Review of International Political Economy, and Global Governance. Michael Kenny is Professor of Politics at the University of Sheffield, UK, where he has taught since 1993. Before that he was a Lecturer in Politics at the Queen's University, Belfast, 1990-3. His principal research interests are in the fields of Anglo-American political thought and intellectual history. He has authored a study of the political ideas of the British New Left (Lawrence and Wishart 1995) and co-authored a guide to Anglophone literature on the history of political thought (with R.Eccleshall, Routledge, 1995). He is the co-editor of volumes on political theory and environmental policy (with J.Meadowcroft, Routeldge, 2000); and discourses of decline in British political thought (with R.English, Macmillan, 2000). He is the author of a number of scholarly papers, including studies of: the political theory of Isaiah Berlin; social democratic thought and the politics of New Labour; the political ideas of Edward Thompson; and (with Dr R.Germain) the uses/abuses of Antonio Gramsci in International Relations theory. He is author of 'Political Theory and the Politics of Identity' (forthcoming Polity Press, 2004).

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Autor: Randall Germain
ISBN-13:: 9780415349420
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Erscheinungsjahr: 01.02.2005
Gewicht: 572g
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