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Autor: Craig A. Lockard
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World (with Review Cards and History Coursemate with Ebook, Wadsworth World History Resource Center 2-Semester Printed Access Card) [With Access Code]

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Part I: FOUNDATIONS: ANCIENT SOCIETIES TO 600 B.C.E. 1. The Origins of Human Societies, to ca. 2000 B.C.E. 2. Ancient Societies in Mesopotamia, India, and Central Asia, 5000-600 B.C.E. 3. Ancient Societies in Africa and the Mediterranean, 5000-600 B.C.E. 4. Around the Pacific Rim: Eastern Eurasia and the Americas, 5000-600 B.C.E. Societies, Networks, Transitions: Ancient Foundations of World History, 4000-600 B.C.E. Part II: BLOSSOMING: THE CLASSICAL SOCIETIES AND THEIR LEGACIES, ca. 600 B.C.E.-ca. 600 C.E. 5. Eurasian Connections and New Traditions in East Asia, 600 B.C.E.-600 C.E. 6. Western Asia, the Eastern Mediterranean, and Regional Systems, 600-200 B.C.E. 7. Classical Societies in Southern and Central Asia, 600 B.C.E.-600 C.E. 8. Empires, Networks, and the Remaking of Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia, 500 B.C.E.-600 C.E. 9. Classical Societies and Regional Networks in Africa, the Americas, and Oceania, 600 B.C.E.-600 C.E. Societies, Networks, Transitions: Classical Blossomings in World History, 600 B.C.E.-600 C.E. Part III: EXPANDING HORIZONS: ENCOUNTERS AND TRANSFORMATIONS IN THE INTERMEDIATE ERA, ca. 600-1500. 10. The Rise, Power, and Connections of the Islamic World, 600-1500. 11. East Asian Traditions, Transformations, and Eurasian Encounters, 600-1500. 12. Expanding Horizons in Africa and the Americas, 600-1500. 13. South Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and Afro-Eurasian Connections, 600-1500. 14. Christian Societies in Medieval Europe, Byzantium, and Russia, 600-1500. Societies, Networks, Transitions: Expanding Horizons in the Intermediate Era, ca. 600-1500. Part IV: CONNECTING THE GLOBE: FORGING NEW NETWORKS IN THE EARLY MODERN WORLD, 1450-1750. 15. Global Connections and the Remaking of Europe, 1450-1750. 16. New Challenges for Africa and the Islamic World, 1450-1750. 17. Americans, Europeans, Africans, and New Societies in the Americas, 1450-1750. 18. South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia: Triumphs and Challenges, 1450-1750. Societies, Networks, Transitions: Connecting the Early Modern World, 1450-1750. Part V: GLOBAL IMBALANCES: INDUSTRY, EMPIRE, AND THE MAKING OF THE MODERN WORLD, 1750-1945. 19. Modern Transitions: Revolutions, Industries, Ideologies, Empires, 1750-1914. 20. Changing Societies in Europe, the Americas, and Oceania, 1750-1914. 21. Africa, the Middle East, and Imperialism, 1750-1914. 22. South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Colonization, 1750-1914. 23. East Asia and the Russian Empire Face New Challenges, 1750-1914. 24. World Wars, European Revolutions, and Global Depression, 1914-1945. 25. Imperialism and Nationalism in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, 1914-1945. Societies, Networks, Transitions: Global Imbalances in the Modern World, 1750-1945. Part VI: GLOBAL SYSTEM: INTERDEPENDENDENCE AND CONFLICT IN THE CONTEMPORARY WORLD, SINCE 1945. 26. The Remaking of the Global System, Since 1945. 27. East Asian Resurgence, 1945-Present. 28. Rebuilding Europe and Russia, Since 1945. 29. The Americas and the Pacific Basin: New Roles in the Contemporary World, Since 1945. 30. The Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, and New Conflicts in the Contemporary World, 1945-Present. 31. South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Global Connections, 1945-Present. Societies, Networks, Transitions: The Contemporary World, Since 1945.
Created through a "student-tested, faculty-approved" review process with hundreds of students and faculty, WORLD is an engaging and accessible solution to accommodate the diverse lifestyles of today's learners.

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Autor: Craig A. Lockard
ISBN-13:: 9780495802051
ISBN: 0495802050
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.01.2010
Gewicht: 2381g
Seiten: 960
Sprache: Englisch
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