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Autor: Cynthia A. Arem
ISBN-13: 9780495829409
Einband: Taschenbuch
Seiten: 215
Format: 234xx mm
Sprache: Englisch

Conquering Math Anxiety, w. CD-ROM

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1. Do You Really Have Math Anxiety?2. The Math Anxiety Process.
3. Learning to Manage Anxiety.
4. Overcoming Internal Barriers.
5. Positive Thinking is a Plus Sign.
6. Winning with Success In Math" Visualizations.
7. Enhancing Your Learning Style.
8. Effective Math Study Skills: The Fuel of Excellence.
9. Conquer Test Anxiety.
10. Be a Successful Problem Solver.
11. Math is the Future
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This third edition of Arem's CONQUERING MATH ANXIETY workbook presents a comprehensive, multifaceted treatment approach to reduce math anxiety and math avoidance. The author offers tips on specific strategies, as well as relaxation exercises. The book's major focus is to encourage students to take action. Hands-on activities help readers explore both the underlying causes of their problem and viable solutions. Many activities are followed by illustrated examples completed by other students. The free accompanying CD contains recordings of powerful relaxation and visualization exercises for reducing math anxiety.

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Autor: Cynthia A. Arem
ISBN-13:: 9780495829409
ISBN: 0495829404
Verlag: Cengage Learning EMEA, Brooks/Cole
Seiten: 215
Sprache: Englisch
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