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Autor: Michael Pittaro
ISBN-13: 9780495832225
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Cybercrime: Current Perspectives from Infotrac

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Preface. PART I: AN OVERVIEW OF CYBERCRIME. 1. Cybercrime in the year 2025. GENE STEPHENS, The Futurist. 2. A Social Learning Theory Analysis of Computer Crime Among College Students WILLIAM F. SKINNER and ANNE M. FREAM, Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency. PART II: INTERNET PORNOGRAPHY. 3. Internet Providers to Cut off Child Porn: Three companies Settle after Probe by Cuomo. SUSAN SCHULMAN, Buffalo News. 4. Pedophiles in Wonderland: Censoring the Sinful in Cyberspace. GABRIELLE RUSSELL, The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology. 5. Child Pornography Web Sites. Techniques Used to Evade Law Enforcement. WADE LUDERS, The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin. PART III: TRANSNATIONAL TERRORIST AND EXTREMIST GROUPS IN CYBERSPACE. 6. Al Qaeda and the Internet The Danger of Cyber Planning. TIMOTHY L. THOMAS, Parameters. 7. Cyber Embargo Countering the Internet Jihad. GREGORY S. MCNEAL, Case Western Reserve University School of Law. 8. Terror on YouTube The Internet's Most Popular Sites are Becoming Tools for Terrorist Recruitment. INGRID CALDWELL, The Forensic Examiner. 9. United States Homeland Security in the Information Age Dealing with the Threat of Cyberterrorism. JAMES F. PASLEY, Nova Science Publishers, Inc. PART IV: ONLINE PREDATORY INTIMIDATION AND HARASSMENT. 10. Cyber-bullying Creating a Culture of Respect in a Cyber World. SUSAN KEITH and MICHELLE MARTIN, Reclaiming Children and Youth. 11. Extending the School Grounds? Bullying Experiences in Cyberspace. JANNA JUVONEN and ELISHEVA F. GROSS, Journal of School Health. 12. A Study on Cyberstalking Understanding Investigative Hurdles. ROBERT D'OVIDIO and JAMES DOYLE, FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin. PART V: COMPUTER HACKERS, CRACKERS, AND FRAUDSTERS. 13. Inhibitors of Two Illegal Behaviors: Hacking and Shoplifting. LIXUAN ZHANG, RANDALL YOUNG and VICTOR PRYBUTAK, Journal of Organizational and End User Computing. 14. Preventing Computer Fraud GREG HANNA, Strategic Finance. 15. Computer Fraud What Can be Done About It? MARSHALL ROMNEY, The CPA Journal. 16. Quieting the Virtual Prison Riot Why the internet's spirit of "sharing" must be broken. ALBERT Z. KOVACS, Duke Law Journal. PART VI: COMBATING CYBERCRIME. 17. Countering the Cybercrime Threat. DEBRA WONG-YANG, BRIAN M. HOFFSTADT, American Criminal Law Review. 18. Ten Tips to Combat Cybercrime. JAMES F. LEON, The CPA Journal. 19. Watching the Web. Thoughts on Expanding Police Surveillance Opportunities under the Cybercrime Convention. LAURA HUEY and RICHARD ROUSENBERG, Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice. 20. Virtual Neighborhood Watch. Open source software and community policing against cybercrime. BENJAMIN R. JONES, The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology.
Save time, save money, and eliminate the trek to the library and long waits for reserved readings with InfoTrac College Edition, an online university library of more than 5,000 academic and popular magazines, newspapers, and journals. This edition of InfoTrac focuses on Cybercrime. These articles provide a perfect supplement to our Criminal Justice texts.
Autor: Michael Pittaro
Michael Pittaro is the Assistant Director of Programs for Justice Works Youth Care and also serves as an adjunct criminal justice professor at Cedar Crest College (both in Allentown, PA). Michael holds a masters degree in public administration and a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from Kutztown University, Pennsylvania and is currently pursuing a PhD in Criminal Justice from Capella University. He is the author and editor of more than a dozen scholarly publications and currently serves on the International Editorial Advisory Board for the International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences.

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Autor: Michael Pittaro
ISBN-13:: 9780495832225
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