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Autor: Robert O. Paxton
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Europe in the Twentieth Century

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1. Europe at the Zenith. 2. How the Great War Began. 3. The Marne and After, 1914-1917. 4. The Impact of Total War. 5. Revolution, 1917-1920. 6. The Paris Peace Settlement. 7. Revolution against Revolution: Fascism. 8. "Normalcy": Europe in the 1920s. 9. Mass Culture and High Culture between the Wars. 10. The Great Depression: Troubled Democracies, Rising Dictatorships. 11. Responding to Nazism: European Politics, 1933-1939. 12. Hitler's Aggressions, Europe's Appeasement, 1934-1939 13. Hitler's Europe: Conflict, Collaboration, and Resistance, 1939-1942. 14. From Hot War to Cold War, 1942-1949. 15. Reconstruction in the West, 1945-1949. 16. The Soviet Bloc, 1945-1964. 17. Western Europe, the Cold War, and Decolonization: Adjusting to a Diminished World Role. 18. Consumer Societies in the West. 19. Western European Politics, 1968-1989: Recession, Democratization, Détente. 20. Western Europe Since 1970: Societies and Cultures Transformed. 21. Science, the Arts, and Intellectual Life. 22. Eastern Europe, 1965-1985: Communism in Decay. 23. The Revolution of 1989 and After. Conclusion.
EUROPE IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY offers a comprehensive, yet streamlined narrative of twentieth-century Europe. The scholarship and currency is top-notch as is the book's excellent consideration of important socio-cultural issues in the twentieth century, including youth movements and feminism.
Autor: Robert O. Paxton, Julie Hessler
Paxton, RobertRobert O. Paxton is professor of history emeritus at Columbia University. A specialist in the history of western Europe in the era of the two world wars, he has written extensively on France under Nazi occupation, including VICHY FRANCE: OLD GUARD AND NEW ORDER (Columbia University Press, 2001) and VICHY FRANCE AND THE JEWS (Stanford University Press, 1995). His most recent work is THE ANATOMY OF FASCISM (Alfred Knopf, 2004).

Hessler, Julie
Julie Hessler is Associate Professor of History at University of Oregon. She is the author of A SOCIAL HISTORY OF SOVIET TRADE (Princeton University Press, 2004) as well as a number of articles on Soviet social, economic, and cultural history. Her current research focuses on Soviet cultural relations with the Third World from the late 1950s through the 1980s. Professor Hessler's teaching areas include Soviet history, twentieth-century Eastern Europe, postwar Europe, and historical methods, as well as broader European surveys.

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Autor: Robert O. Paxton
ISBN-13:: 9780495913191
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Verlag: Cengage Learning EMEA, Wadsworth
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