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Autor: Alan Kreider
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Origins of Christendom in the West

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Introduction, Alan Kreider. Part 1 Aspects of conversion: changing patterns of conversion in the West, Alan Kreider; Christianization and conversion in nothern Italy, Ritz Lizzi; Christianity shaped through its mission, Ramsay MacMullen. Part 2 Change and community in the Christianization of Europe: the sociology of pre-Constantine Christianity, Wolfgang Wischmeyer; early Christian features preserved in Western monasticism, Eoin de Bhaldraithe, OCist; charism and office in a changing church, Christine Trevett; women in the Christianization of the West, Anne Jensen. Part 3 Liturgy and Christian formation in the advent of Christendom: catechesis and initiation, Everett Ferguson; the effects of the coming of Christendom on early Christian worship, Paul F. Bradshaw; Augustine and the transformation of baptism, David F. Wright. Part 4 Theology and inculturation: defining heresy, Rowan Williams; comparative inculturations, Antoni Wessels. Part 5 Final thoughts: epilogue - approaching Christendom, Kate Cooper.
For well over a millennium the civilization of Western Europe was 'Christendom, ' with Christianity the dominant religion, buttressed by social and legal structures. This volume studies Christendom at its origins, bringing the insights of leading scholars in the fields of ancient history, theology, patristics, and liturgy to bear on aspects of Europe's Christianization. From a missiological perspective, the contributors ask what is Christianity's impact upon culture, what is culture's impact upon Christianity? Focusing on the first four centuries, but also looking forward to the future of Christianity in the West, this book combines scholarly excellence with accessibility. It will be valued by scholars and students alike.
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Dr Alan Kreider was Director of the Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture, Regent s Park College, Oxford, and now teaches at the Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Indiana.

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Autor: Alan Kreider
ISBN-13:: 9780567087768
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Gewicht: 581g
Seiten: 388
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