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Psychological Hermeneutics for Biblical Themes and Texts: A Festschrift in Honor of Wayne G. Rollins

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J. Harold Ellens
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T&T Clark Biblical Studies

Foreword D. Andrew Kille; Approach; Introduction J. Harold Ellens; Redaction Criticism: The Gospels, Portraits of Christ (Rollins.1964) David Barr; Analytical Psychology and Biblical Interpretation: Jung and the Bible (Rollins, 1983) D. Andrew Kille; Psychology and Biblical Studies: Birth and Development of a New SBL Program Unit (1991-2010) J. Harold Ellens; Psychological Biblical Criticism: Soul and Psyche, The Bible in Psychological Perspective (Rollins, 1999) Don Capps; Psychology and the Bible, A New Way to Read the Scriptures (Rollins and Ellens, 2004) F. Morgan Roberts; Psychological Insight into the Bible, Texts and Readings (Rollins and Kille, 2007) Ralph Underwood; Psychology and Biblical Studies in Retrospect and Prospect Hal Childs; Application; Psychology, Biblical Interpretation, and the Future Michael Newheart; Thinking Ecologically: Some Reflective Thoughts on Character Ethics and the Old Testament: Moral Dimensions of Scripture Andre LaCocque; The Suffering Servant of Isaiah in Cognitive-Critical Perspective Paul N. Anderson; The Compassion of God as the Basis for Other-directedness Frederick H. Shively; Psychological Hermeneutics in Homilies for Worship Schuyler Brown; Psychology and the Hebrew Bible, Read Through the Lenses of Freud and Lacan Ilona Rashkow; Pastoral Psychology and Chaplaincies: Applied Ministries in Psychology and Spirituality Raymond Lawrence; Conclusion J. Harold Ellens; Biography of Wayne G. Rollins; Bibliography of the Publications of Wayne G. Rollins; Bibliography; Index.
Provides an assessment of the development and achievements of the field of Psychological Hermeneutics. This title examines the growth of Psychological Hermeneutics as a discipline within biblical studies. It presents an advanced survey of the discipline and development of Psychological Hermeneutics over the years.

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