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The Son of God Beyond the Flesh: A Historical and Theological Study of the Extra Calvinisticum
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The Son of God Beyond the Flesh: A Historical and Theological Study of the Extra Calvinisticum

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Andrew M. McGinnis
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236x152x23 mm
29, T&t Clark Studies in Systemati

Demonstrates the significance of the so-called extra Calvinisticum in Christology, both past and present.
Acknowledgments Abbreviations Note on Translations Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Cyril of Alexandria on the Transcendence of the Incarnate Son Chapter 3: Thomas Aquinas on the Incarnational Descent and the Presence of the Whole Christ Chapter 4: Christology, the Lord's Supper, and the extra Calvinisticum in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-century Reformed and Lutheran Polemics Chapter 5: Zacharias Ursinus on the extra humanum and Its Benefits Chapter 6: The Eclipse of the extra in Modern Christology Chapter 7: Paths of Recovery: Contemporary Approaches to the extra Calvinisticum Chapter 8: Conclusion Bibliography Index
The so-called extra Calvinisticum-the doctrine that the incarnate Son of God continued to exist beyond the flesh-was not invented by John Calvin or Reformed theologians. If this is true, as is almost universally acknowledged today, then why do scholars continue to fixate almost exclusively on Calvin when they discuss this doctrine? The answer to the "why" of this scholarly trend, however, is not as important as correcting the trend. This volume expands our vision of the historical functions and christological significance of this doctrine by expounding its uses in Cyril of Alexandria, Thomas Aquinas, Zacharias Ursinus, and in theologians from the Reformation to the present. Despite its relative obscurity, the doctrine that came to be known as the "Calvinist extra" is a possession of the church catholic and a feature of Christology that ought to be carefully appropriated in contemporary reflection on the Incarnation.

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