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Autor: Sin-Pan Daniel Ho
ISBN-13: 9780567655882
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Paul and the Creation of a Counter-Cultural Community: A Rhetorical Analysis of 1 Cor. 5.1-11.1 in Light of the Social Lives of the Corinthians

509, Library of New Testament Studi
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The book proposes a new interpretation of 1 Corinthians 5 - 11.1, which examines the text from a social identity perspective.
1. Introduction 2. The Unifying Theme of 1 Cor 5- 1.1: Past Contributions and Limitations 3. The Literary Integrity of 1 Cor 5-11.1 4. Satan and Identity Formation in 1 Cor 5-11.1 in the Light of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Pseudepigrapha 5. Echoes of Scripture and Identity Formation in 1 Cor 5-11.1 Part 1 6. Echoes of Scripture and Identity Formation in 1 Cor 5-11.1 Part 2 7. Christ and the Christian Community: The Social Implications of Christ Language in 1 Cor 5-11.1 8. Conclusion 9. Bibliography 10. Index
This study offers a new interpretation of 1 Corinthians 5-11:1. Taking a social identity approach, Ho investigates the inner logic of Paul from the ears of the Corinthian correspondence. Ho argues that Paul consistently indoctrinates new values for the audience to uphold which are against the mainstream of social values in the surrounding society. It is shown that Paul does not engage in issues of internal schism per se, but rather in the question of the distinctive values insiders should uphold so as to be recognisable to outsiders. While church is neither a sectarian nor an accommodating community, it should maintain constant social contact with outsiders so as to bring the gospel of Christ to them. In addition, insiders should practice radical values that could challenge the existing shared social values prevalent in the urban city of Corinth. These new values are based mainly on Scripture, ancient Jewish literature and the new social identity of the church defined by Jesus Christ. This fresh interpretation renders the logical flow, unitary design and coherence of 1 Cor 5 -11.1 more apparent.
Autor: Sin-Pan Daniel Ho
Rev. Dr. Sin-pan Daniel Ho is Assistant professor of New Testament in Lutheran Theological Seminary, Hong Kong.

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Autor: Sin-Pan Daniel Ho
ISBN-13:: 9780567655882
ISBN: 0567655881
Erscheinungsjahr: 23.04.2015
Verlag: T & T CLARK US
Gewicht: 612g
Seiten: 264
Sprache: Englisch
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