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Jesus Wept: The Significance of Jesus' Laments in the New Testament
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Jesus Wept: The Significance of Jesus' Laments in the New Testament

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Rebekah Eklund
490 g
234x156x14 mm
515, Library of New Testament Studi

Rebekah Eklund shows that the pattern of lament is thoroughly incorporated in the New Testament proclamation of gospel, especially in the words and actions of Jesus.
Contents Acknowledgements Preface Introduction Chapter 1 Bridging from Lament in the Old Testament to Lament in the New Chapter 2 The Laments of Jesus in the Fourfold Gospel Chapter 3 Son of Man, Son of Abraham: Jesus Laments as a Human Being and an Israelite Chapter 4 King, Priest, Prophet: Jesus Laments as the Messiah Chapter 5 Divine Lament Chapter 6 Christian Lament and Inaugurated Eschatology Chapter 7 Conclusion: Lament as a Christian Practice Bibliography Index
Lament does not seem to be a pervasive feature of the New Testament, particularly when viewed in relation to the Old Testament. A careful investigation of the New Testament, however, reveals that it thoroughly incorporates the pattern of Old Testament lament into its proclamation of the gospel, especially in the person of Jesus Christ as he both prays and embodies lament. As an act that fundamentally calls upon God to be faithful to God's promises to Israel and to the church, lament in the New Testament becomes a prayer of longing for God's kingdom, which has been inaugurated in the ministry and resurrection of Jesus, fully to come.

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